Earning a law degree is something.

Where you earn it is everything.


TLS Distinctives

  • On Course
  • Gospel
  • Practical Experience
  • Community
  • On Course

    The California Bar Exam is one of the most difficult in the country to pass. That’s why we offer On Course, a support program that runs alongside your coursework and gives you the specific preparation you need to take the bar with confidence.

  • Centered on the Gospel

    We believe that faith has an important part to play in conversations about law and justice. The good news of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ changes the way we think about law.

  • Opportunities for Practical Experience

    We’re committed to helping our students find the internship and clinical experience they need to have an edge in today’s competitive job markets. We offer on-campus internships with the Pacific Justice Institute and Orange County Christian Legal Aid Office, and an off-campus poverty law clinic at the Orange County Rescue Mission. In addition, we facilitate numerous off-campus internship opportunities with government agencies and private law offices. Trinity also offers electives and skills courses in civil litigation, nonprofit law, family law, international human rights, intellectual property, and more.

  • Diverse and Supportive Community

    We’re proud of the diversity and supportiveness of our community. Our students represent a wide spectrum of backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, and careers. Furthermore, our students, faculty, and staff genuinely desire for one another to succeed. Students collaborate, rather than compete; our faculty and staff are actually interested in helping you do well. Students who have transferred from other law schools frequently tell us that our community is uniquely healthy and supportive.